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Stream Hot Tub, 32 Jets, Easy Setup 4 Seater


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Item description


The Stream is a new generation spa. It’s roominess exudes unparalleled comfort. It’s 100% accessibility
exudes piece of mind and above all, it’s extremely affordable.

The Stream was engineered to combine comfort and roominess. It was designed with multiple seating
options for massage variety and to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. It also has an oversize
footwell for added leg comfort. The lounger is unique in that it can be used by a single person or with a
second person relaxing at the other end. The lounge chairs are extremely roomy, as well, and two are
equipped with armrests for added seating comfort. The Stream also has two cool down seats that provide a
break from your massage or simply, a chance to cool down a bit without having to exit the spa.

The Stream is equipped with a 4-way diverter valve to enable a variety of massage options. You can direct the
water through all the jets for a gentle, relaxing massage. If desired, you can divert the water through one half
of the spa jets or through the other half of the spa jets to increase your intensity. And if you need to address
a specific part of your body with dynamic force, you can direct all of the water through a single, turbo jet.
Whatever your body desires, the Stream can deliver.

The Stream is manufactured as a 120V Plug & Play spa. You can simply set it in place, fill it with water and
plug it into a standard, dedicated 120V electrical outlet. And if you enjoy using your spa for long periods of
time in cold weather, It can also be converted to 240V for better heating efficiency.
The Stream was designed with a contemporary look that you will be proud to display in your backyard. It has
the ambiance of an LED backlit, cascading waterfall which is enhanced by external LED sconce lighting in
each corner of the spa.

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